Writing Side Game

FASA Star Trek Writing Side Game
(these rules can be used for other artistic expressions as well)

If a character has a 40 or higher in Writing or Creative Writing they can write books. Writing Skill is for non-fiction and Creative Writing is for fiction.

If they have the rating of 40 -59 they can write one book a year, 60-79 two, 80-89 three, 90-99 four.

A failed skill role means the book is un-publishable.


Roll to determine the sell rating:

1-10 – Best Seller

11-30 – Good Seller

31-60 – Modest Seller

61-00 – Poor Seller


Each Best seller increases the odds of having another Best Seller by 10%.

If you are using money in your campaign:

For a Best Seller a character receives 1,000,000 credits plus 50,000 credits per year for 8 years.

For a Good Seller a character receives 500,000 credits plus 25,000 per year for 4 years.

For a Modest Seller a character receives 100,000 credits plus 10,000 per year for 2 years.

For a Poor Seller a character receives 50,000 credits plus 5,000 per year for one year.

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