Professional Associations

Both Starfleet and civilian characters can be members of professional associations. These are meant to round out characters and make them fit into the world better. Hobbies and careers interests can be explored.

At the end of character creation:

Roll 1D10 divide by 2, round down

INT > 70 + 1

INT > 90 +2


Roll 1d10 for each association:

1. Honorary Member

2. Member

3. Fellow

4. Policy Advisor

5. Policy Director

6. Distinguished Fellow

7. Executive Board Member

8. Vice President

9. President

10. Emeritus



Center for Strategic Diplomacy

Phi Beta Kappa

A Better Tomorrow

Health Policy Center

The Davis Foundation

The Hermitage

Storvak Scientific Forum

Strategic Studies Collective

The Institute for Inter-Planetary Relations

Exploration Policy Group

Research Center for Responsible Colonization

Archaeological Institute of Terra

Research Policy Institute

Federation Bar Association

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