Pen and Paper Character Creation


I will be editing this page until the entire character creation process is complete. Please check back often as I will be updating and refining this document.

On this page is a PDF character sheet you can print out. It has been specially formulated to work with these rules.

FASA Star Trek Character Generation

Custom Rules for TNG Campaigns

STEP 1: Create Attributes

a) Determine Strength (STR), Endurance (END), Intellect (INT), Dexterity (DEX), and Charisma (CHA) attributes. Roll 3D10 six times and add 40 to each result. Discard the lowest result and assign the other results to the attributes of your choice.

b) Determine Luck (LUC)and Psionics (PSI). Roll 1D100 twice. Assign the first result to LUC and the second to PSI. Optional: Assign either result to the attribute of your choice.

c) Choose character’s race. Here is a list of nearly every race in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Add or subtract racial modifiers to/from appropriate attributes. Note: Biracial characters take racial modifiers from the dominant race. Dominant race is your choice. For tri-racial (or more) characters, quarter the racial modifiers of the dominant race, round up. 

 d) Bonus Points. Roll 1D100 and divide result by 2. These points can be assigned to the attributes of your choice, except PSI. No more than 30 points can be added to one attribute. No attribute can be raised above 99 with bonus points. Optional: If the result rolled is less than 20, re-roll.

e) Determine Inaction Save Level and Unconscious Threshold. Most races’ scores are 20 and 5 respectfully. Vulcans’ scores, however, are 15 and 0.

f) Calculate Wound Healing Rate. Divide END by 20 and round down.

g) Calculate Fatigue  Healing Rate. Divide END by 10 and round down.



Note: Use the Master Skill List


Pre-Academy Skills be handled according to the standard rules OR by using the background rules from Trader Captains and Merchant Princes. These rules can help add flavor to new character.

Note: Trivia can be used for skills other than typical trivia skills. Example: A player wants a character to have tinkered with shuttlecrafts as a teenager. He selects Trivia, but can assign the rolled rating to Shuttlecraft Sys Tech.


Optional: A character can now attend University before he enters Starfleet Academy.

University System

Betazoid University

The Daystrom Institute

Characters may also attend a Merchant Academy, Merchant Apprenticeship or even use Climbing the Ladder found in Trader Captains and Merchant Princes.


Record Academy skills like normal. Add Holodeck Operation and Replicator Operation with a rating of 10.

Follow with Outside Electives (treat Trivia as stated above) and Advanced Study as usual.

Note: The curriculum of the Academy has been compressed into 1.5 years. It is considered General Education.


Branch School is now treated like a college major and is folded into the 4 years of the Academy. Helm/Nav, Sec/Tac and Eng are 2.5 years, so an officer finishes on time in 4 years. Med and Sci are 3.5 years, so an officer finishes in 5 years. (This is of course optional, but I find players enjoy playing characters that are a bit younger.)

See new skill lists for Helm/Nav and Sec/Tac schools. Add Holodeck Systems Technology and Replicator Systems Technology at 10 to standard Eng Branch School skill list.

Follow with Outside Electives and Advanced Study as usual.

Example: A player decides his character will be a helmsman. He has already attended the Academy for 1.5 years and Helm/Nav school is 2.5 years. So, his total academy time is 4 years.

Optional: An officer can attend two different Branch Schools if the player desires. This should be considered a rare and the player has to roll to be able to do so. Follow with Outside Electives and Advanced Study as usual.

1-30 – Character can attend any second Branch school of choice.
31-100 – Request denied.

Modifiers: INT 70 or higher -10, LUC 70 or higher -10, LUC 40 or less +5, Vulcan -20 or other long-lived race.


Cadet Cruise (see Metal Chart), Department Head School and Command School all are resolved normally.


Post-Academy Experience is mostly unchanged (see Metal Chart). The changes are only on the Tour Assignment Table. Use standard table in the rule book for first tour like normal then use the following table for every other tour. (Follow special rules for last tours like normal.)


Tour Assignment -25 or less -10 to -20 -5 to +5 +10 to +20 +25
Galaxy- Class Starship 1-30 1-20 1-10
Galaxy Exploration Com 31-50 21-40 11-20 1-10
Military Operations Com 51-60 41-50 21-30 11-20 1-10
Colonial Operations Com 61-70 51-60 31-40 21-40 11-30
Merchant Marine Com 71-80 61-70 41-50 41-60 31-60
Terraforming Command 81-85 71-80 51-65 61-70 61-90
Intelligence Operations Com 86-90 81-90 66-80 71-90 91-100
Star Base HQ Command 91-95 91-95 81-90 91-100
Starfleet Academy 96-100 96-100 91-100


Optional: An officer can attend Active Officer University Programs, if desired. (Theses should not be over used, but they can add an extra dimension to certain characters.

If Intelligence Operations Command is rolled, the character must attend Intelligence School. The school is only attended for the first Intelligence tour if more are rolled. Roll length of tour normally, but +1 for the school term (first tour only of course).

Intelligence School

Add 25 skill points to five of the following skills (a skill cannot be chosen twice):

Clandestine Operations
Holodeck Interrogation
Intelligence Procedures
Security Procedures
Trade and Commerce
Value Estimation

Then add 25 skill points to one of the following (can be a skill chosen above):

Intelligence Procedures
Security Procedures

Outside Electives: 2 new skills at 1D10, Advanced Training: INT/10 rounded up at 1D10, Length: 1 year


Finish character as recorded in the rule book.

Note: Per 2 years in Intelligence 1 roll on Administration or Intelligence Procedures

Optional: A character may resign from Starfleet at some point. Determine at what career stage the character retires then follow the rules in Trader Captains and Merchant Princes AND/OR follow the Civilian Rules.


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      Thanks, man. I have a long way to go. I’d like to write an example character kind of the Lee Sterling story in the original game.

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      Yes and no. I’m mainly working on my other site now. However, it is my dream to finish at least the Pen and Paper character creation.

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    I like what I have seen here. I am wondering if you would share the Gorn Character Creation stuff with me. If so, send it to my email address. If it is too large, I can give you another address. Thank you.


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      The racial bonuses are here along with almost every other race ever mentioned in Star Trek. I can dig around for some of the Gorn stuff I have. You can email me at matt [at]

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