Please Do Not Sue Me

I respect all trademarks and copyrights of Star Trek and FASA. Star Trek is a registered TM and copyright of CBS, Paramount Pictures and affiliates. I’m uncertain of who currently holds the copyrights of works created for the FASA Corporation.


Nothing on this site is intended to infringe on any trademark or copyright. If you are a rights holder and feel I’m infringing on your works, please contact me.

I have created these rules solely for enjoyment and the wish of allowing others to enjoy the wonderful adventures that a wait.


I am displaying Google Ads at the bottom of the pages in hopes of covering some hosting costs. However, if you think I can cover even a fraction of my hosting costs (let alone my time) with these ads, you’ve never used Google Adsense.

Also, I have a page dedicated to RPG T-Shirts. All designs are original and contain no copyrighted material.

The Generator Will Be Free

I have no intention of making money from the character generator. It will offered free for anyone to use. My hope is that my project will increase the popularity of Star Trek and role-playing games in general.

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