Federation Medal Chart

Complete D20 Medals Chart

If you pass your cadet cruise with Honors there is an 80% chance you were awarded a medal. If you pass it with High Honors there is 100% chance.  For officer efficiency reports: Outstanding 100% for one medal, 50% for another. Excellent 80% for one medal, 40% for another. All OERs carry a 20% chance.


1. Starfleet Good Conduct Medal

2. Bronze Star

3. Silver Star

4. Purple Heart

5. Denebian Swan of Merit

6. Federation Peace Medal

7. Grankite Order of Honor

8. Karagite Order of Heroism

9. Andorian Battle Star

10. Ribbon of Outstanding Bravery

11. The Ristak Chain of Uncommon Valor

12. Prantares Ribbon

13. Citation of Conspicuous Gallantry

14. Starfleet Silver Palm

15. The Knight Revis

16. The Star Cross

17. Legion of Merit

18. Legion of Honor

19. Starfleet Medal of Valor

20. Starfleet Medal of Honor

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