Civilian Character Honors

For civilian efficiency reports (CER): Outstanding 100% for one honor, 50% for another. Excellent 80% for one honor, 40% for another. All CERs carry a 20% chance.

 Roll 1D20 on the chart:

1. Outstanding Citizen Award

2. The Jalhal Award

3. Federation Council Certificate of Appreciation

4. The Khani Guardian Medal

5. The Meritorious Service Award

6. Exceptional Public Service Citation

7. Achievement Medal for Civilian Service

8. Federation Silver Medallion

9. Federation Gold Medallion

10. The Presidential Award of Excellence

11. Cochrane Medal of Excellence

12. Federation Medal of Freedom

13. Ex Astris Excellentia Award

14. President’s Award for Distinguished Federation Civilian Service

15. The J. Bruce Award

16. The Surak Star of Distinguished Service

17. The Presidential Citizens Medal

18. The Daystrom Award

19. Zee-Magnees Prize

20. Nobel Prize

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